Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's my right/It's my responsibility

To cry,
To fear for the future,
To be angry,
To sleep if I'm tired,
To ask questions about treatment,
To have bad days,
To let my kid watch too much TV sometimes if I'm too tired,
To eat cereal for dinner,
To question research that demeans those diagnosed,
To make my husband vacuum,
To ignore the cure-all's and the one-up's,
To let myself be vulnerable,
To grieve,
To say I'm in pain,
To not allow people to pathologize my feelings,
and to fumble through making peace with this disease.


To ask for help,
To do things I enjoy,
To stay physically and emotionally healthy (Which is going to look different from how you stay healthy - FYI),
To validate your pain and your feelings like how I want mine to be validated,
To forgive people,
To allow you the same rights as me.

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